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Welcome to FriendsBuyAuto

Welcome to FriendsBuy Auto Club

FriendsBuy Auto Club is a new and innovative way to buy and sell cars.

Never before has anyone combined your network of friends, relatives, and coworkers with the lucrative business of buying and selling cars. Thanks to Friendsbuy Auto you will be able to participate in the auto business without having a car or dealing with the hassle of showing a vehicle to anyone. You won't even have the financing problems that most dealers go through.

Friendsbuy Auto Club brings the entire auto sales business to your desktop. Not only can you buy, sell, and apply for loans on FriendsBuy Auto, you can join as a Spotter or SuperFriend and start making money!

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Auto Club


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Sign up as Spotter for free and start making money!

As a Spotter you find cars for sale in your neighborhood, along the roadway, ect. then you take a few pictures of the car you find and send them to us along the contact information of the seller. When we verify that the car you send in is indeed for sale we send you an initial payment $5.  When the seller of the car agrees to list their car on our site we send you an additional $20. It is as easy as that!!

As a SPOTTER ...You will not share in our membership growth referral program.

Do you want to make MORE MONEY?


When you join Friendsbuy Auto Club as a Superfriend, you pay an annual  membership fee of $150 and a monthly fee of $12.95 (Special Offer $7.95 per month).   With this, you receive benefits and opportunities you cannot get as Spotter.  

  •  As a Superfriend you receive a website with your own back office that will retain all the vehicles that you have for sale as well as all the vehicles in the companys' database. Your back office will keep up with your sales as well as your matrix sales and pay all your commissions as agreed. 

  • When you personally refer someone who joins as a SuperFriend you will be paid $75 and this person is then added to your matrix.

  •   When a Superfriend on your matrix personally refers someone who joins as a SuperFriend you receive $15.

  •   You will still be paid set spotter revenue for any cars you send in.

  •   Pays you 15% of a pre-determined commission on each sale you refer.


  •   Pays you 15% of your matrix-shared commission when someone in your matrix, refers a sale. 


FriendsBuy Auto is a great business opportunity.  I have successfully used the site to move vehicles and increase my revenue.  The added visibility of inventory through the internet was instrumental.  

- John Smith

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