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If you would like to contact us,we can be reached at.

2600 South Loop W. 135 
HOUSTON, TX 77054 
Phone: (713)-665-8473

About Us

FriendsBuy Auto Club is an online automotive business. Not only will we assist you in finding car loans, selling your car, and shopping for new one; at FriendsBuy Auto we give you the ability to make money without having to sell a car. To start making money you simply have to join as a Spotter or Superfriend on our website. Joining as a Spotter is a free, fast, and easy way to make money by simply finding cars for sale by private owners near you and sending the information to us. Once you have sent us pictures of the car and the information of the seller you get paid. If you want to make even more money and become more involved in the automotive business you can join as SuperFriend.

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